Our People

The MyBRISK Centre of Research Excellence brings together an international multidisciplinary community of researchers, clinicians, health professionals and consumer representatives. 

A multidisciplinary approach

Our team includes epidemiologists, radiologists, molecular geneticists, clinical researchers, data scientists, health economists, and pathobiologists as well as a wide network of stakeholders represented by public (e.g. BreastScreen) and private breast cancer screening and radiology clinics, breast cancer family registries, public health institutes (e.g. Cancer Australia), and consumer representatives such as Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Meet the team

MyBRISK comprises a core leadership team of a Director and Chief Investigators. Associate Investigators form a Project Advisory Group to provide direction, advice and input to the core CI team. Expert hubs ensure the expertise and voices of all stakeholders are integrated into project outcomes.

A CRE Management Group provides research support services, communication, administration, data and ethics management.


Professor John Hopper

CRE Manager:

Dr Sue Malta

Chief Investigators:

Professor John Hopper

Professor Melissa Southey

Adjunct Assoc Professor Helen Frazer

Professor Jon Emery

Associate Professor Enes Makalic

Associate Professor Michelle Reintals

Associate Professor Dennis Petrie

Associate Professor Jennifer Stone

Professor Erik Thompson

Associate Professor Robert MacInnis

Associate Investigators:

Dr Daniel Lee

Professor Douglas Boyle

Associate Professor Adrian Bickerstaffe

Dr Gillian Dite

Professor Mark Jenkins

Professor Howard Bondell

Professor Ingrid Winship

Professor Joohon Sung

Associate Professor Wendy Ingman

Associate Professor Kara Britt

Partner organisations

MyBRISK is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and partner organisations. These include other research institutes and universities, general practice, government, radiologists, pathobiologists, community representative organisations, consumers and commercial businesses.