About Us

The MyBRISK Centre of Research Excellence is implementing a fundamental change in breast cancer control for Australia and worldwide by tailoring breast cancer screening precisely to risk.


Our aim is to apply a precision public health risk-based approach to:

  1. Address multiple aspects of breast cancer screening
  2. Better stratify risk of breast cancer for women of all ages
  3. Enable earlier and better detection of breast cancer

 Ultimately, we hope to reduce the suffering and loss of life caused by this disease.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Developing, applying, and teaching advanced analytics. This will include applying AI to Big Datasets that comprise integrated state-of-the-art epidemiological and genetic studies using digital mammograms, family history and genomic testing
  2. Co-designing novel personalised screening pathways that translate our new models into improved breast cancer screening. This will include working with radiologists (BreastScreen and private), general practitioners, clinicians and women using qualitative interviews, focus groups and stakeholder engagement, as well as studying the health economic consequences of these models
  3. Continuing to inform pathobiology research on mammogram-based causes of breast cancer
  4. Creating widely accessible educational material to support implementation
  5. Using technological applications to provide an interface between women and clinicians by creating a simple automated decision support tool (BRISK) for women and health professionals
  6. Building a new generation of up-skilled early and mid-career researchers and clinical leaders with opportunities for training, mentorship, career development and international exchange